Sunny California

California was definitely a good decision for a first trip to the USA. In L.A. I most liked the areas of Venice and Santa Monica. But these can't top San Francisco with its relaxed character and gorgeous old victorian houses. What makes SFO so lovely is its size - its possible to visite the interesting places by foot.

Both citys are wonderlands for shopping queens. My favorite places are Haight Street in San Francisco and Main Street between Santa Monica and Venice L.A.

At Santa Monica I rented a car and took the hwy 1 up to Santa Cruz all along Californias amazing coast. There are several places where seals, see lions and other wildlife can be spoted.
The Big Sure is worth a trip. And there are many other places with a beautiful landscape and scenery such as Yosemite Nationalpark. However you may explore some of it at the photos below.